LPC Youth Scholarship Program

Si necesitan esta información en español, envíenos un correo electrónico a latinaprofchatt@gmail.com, con asunto: "Información sobre becas para jóvenes de LPC"

The Latina Professionals of Chattanooga youth scholarship program is a need-based scholarship program designed to provide financial assistance to eligible Latina students with demonstrated financial needs. Financial need is based upon the difference between available resources and funding eligibility relative to the direct educational program costs. All prospective/enrolled Latina students meeting the stated criteria will be eligible for consideration. The criteria have been designed to give the Scholarship Selection Committee maximum flexibility in awarding the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

To be awarded the scholarship, students must,

• be Latina/Hispanic/Hispanic-American/Latino descendant 

• be enrolled in high school or credited college/university

• apply for and accept all applicable state, agency, and/or federal student aid;

• demonstrate financial need as determined by the financial aid application process;

• complete a scholarship request form;

• be a good standing student or have a GPA of 3.0 or higher; and

• be a U.S Citizen or Resident

Award Process and Rules

• Latina students who are enrolled in high school or credited college/university are eligible to apply.

• Students must apply for and accept all available agency, state, and/or federal student aid before requesting consideration for this scholarship program.

• Each student must complete a scholarship request form.

• Scholarship is based on demonstrated needs as identified through the financial aid application process.

• Only one (1) student will be awarded the scholarship. (Dependent on scholarship donations, two (2) students will be awarded).

• Scholarship is based on the enrolled student’s start date. The scholarship is not transferable or renewable. This scholarship may be used in conjunction with other institutional scholarship programs but cannot exceed the direct educational program costs.

• Scholarship eligibility requires continuous enrollment. Termination from school may result in the loss of this scholarship.

• Scholarship award amount is based on what is donated to the program. Each year amount awarded may vary.

The scholarship amount is calculated based on demonstrated needs and determined by established guidelines. Please contact your Financial Aid Advisor to discuss options. LPC reserves the right to cancel the scholarship program at any time. However, the scholarship that has been awarded will be honored provided the student continues to meet eligibility. The maximum award for this scholarship program is based on donations.

Any student meeting the scholarship criteria may apply. To download the application, click here. Students must complete this request form and submit it with proof of school enrollment to latinaprofchatt@gmail.com, subject: LPC Youth Scholarship Submission

Support and Donate

Help invest in Latina students' future. Because of your generous donation, every dollar you donate goes directly to our Youth Scholarship Fund which provides educational opportunities for our future leaders. You can make a one-time contribution or schedule routine contributions (i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc.) through our website – and we are deeply appreciative of each and every gift.